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Dubai plays host to some of the best marine tourism options in the world, thanks to its absolutely fantastic climate, clear blue Arabian Sea and tourist friendly facilities. Combine this with Al Wasl company‘s unmatched yachts that range from 33 feet speed boat to 85 feet regal yacht and you have a fantastic yacht experience awaiting for you. While cruising you may come across all the “points” including the 7 star Burj Al Arab hotel, astounding Atlantic at Palm, the biggest manmade island i.e. the Palm Jumeirah island and of course the World Island clusters.

Yacht charter Dubai is an excellent way to see Dubai from its pristine sea coast. Hire a yacht in Dubai and leave the world behind you to enjoy a day full of sun. When you charter a yacht, you can do a lot! A fishing trip on a speedboat with your buddies or a bigger yacht for an intimate party or a social get together to launch of an exclusive product as well as celebration of corporate success; all this and much more. Remember! When you do your do aboard a yacht, it becomes EXCLUSIVE and UNIQUE. So choose it if you want to stand out from the mundane venues of land.

Al Wasl’s yacht rental in Dubai consists of numerous boats of various size for any occasion, event or a do. Be it charters for something very special, or simple boat for fishing, it has not only widest options but also in depth know-how to turn those lovely sailing experiences into everlasting moments. We welcome you to check out our beauties that are lined up your yacht rental in Dubai so that you may choose as per your budget.

While the sun shines brilliantly in Dubai and its blue azure waters hide a treasure trove of marine world, yacht rental Dubai would continue to attract sea lovers. Yacht cruising can be done both in the day or in the night and each offers its own unique seascape. The night charter would mean sailing under blue carpet filled with millions of twinkling stars and the entire coast lined with iconic structures awash with lights of various hues. For a night to cherish, Yacht Charter Dubai is an ideal option.

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